Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Project Evaluation

I chose to do two boreds with different fems. My fems where scene kid/emo, and Winter Park.
For Winter Park i also put leafs on mine bored in order to give it more tester and colour. For scene kid/emo, i put buttons on the bored which broke up the different between the bright pictures and the light pictures.

I'm very happy with my peace i think all the people i used were very easy to work with and the pictures look really good i think, i have show the models mine work and they all like it and are happy with the way their pictures were used.

To expand, i could get more models and take more pictures, and maybe look in to more fems and do more boreds.

communication in Art and Design

In this unit we have to pick an area in fashion that we would like to do a project on.
To start the unit we looked at all the different  creative disciplines which are,

  1. Fashion Photography
  2. Textiles Design
  3. Fashion Promotion
  4. Fashion Design
  5. Fashion Illustration
  6. Textiles Artist 
  7. Advertising 
Once we have looked at all the disciplines we pick the area we where most interested in doing.
I chose to do Fashion Photography as mine because, i was interested in Photography as a hobby, and i thought it would be cool to have a go at doing it as a unit peace.


hey :)
mine name is Hettie, I'm at Preston college studying Fashion and Textiles BTEC Lv3
i love drawing and make up new and querky designs, which have never been seen, i like colour, i think colours are what makes a design, and the brighter the better.
I have imspreshons like, Vivienne Westwood, John Paul Gautier , and many other querky designs, i also love all thing vintage i like the idear o getting something old and turning in in to something fresh and imaginative things.
I'm also interested in photography if I'm not designing at college or at home I'm out taking pictures with my friends, well if that or doing art. I like spending time with my friends i see them as an extended family.